A Risk To Your Health

A Risk To Your Health


Although it is important to happy within yourself no mater what your appearance or how much you weigh, if you are so far overweight you may classed as obese. The idea that the fat person is the jolly one may appear so on the outside but on the inside they are anthing but. Unless something is done the jolly fat person runs the risk of serious healthproblems and ultimately a shortened life. Nothing too jolly about that!

So What Are The Risks

it is important to note that the following only implies to people who are obese, not just overweight. Scaremongering tactics should never be used or undertaken. Obese means that a person weighs exceptionally more than they should. There are varying degress of obesity from slightly obese to morbidly obese. Although not an exact science it should be fairly obvious to what catergory you fall under - if you are in any doubt a visit to your doctor should conclude. it goes without saying the more obese you are the more at risk you are from developing health issues.


Type 2 diabetes is reletively common amongst people who have started out being just overweight and through neglect have become obese. Even if you are just 11 pounds over weight you run the risk. The more overweight you are the more you run the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a serious life threatening condition - it is estimated that eighty per cent (80%) of people who have diabetes are overweight.

Heart Conditions

Another risk you take if you are obese is developing a heart problem or heart disease. You run the risk of collapsing or dying suddenly of a heart attack if you are obese. Look after your heart and it will look after you.

Difficulty Breathing

Breathing difficulties is another common problem, carrying around additional weight can put excess pressure on the lungs. If you feel out of breathe just walking down the stairs or bending down it may time to face up to the fact you may be overweight and if you continue with your current lifestyle, obesity beckons.

Emotional Problems

An often overlooked problem is the state of an obese persons mental health. Being fat carries a social stigma and can take its toll on the emotions. Deep depression, changes of mood and insecurity can lead into an ever increasing spiral of self loathing which is sometimes placated by comfort eating which leads to more obesity. So the circle is never broken and the noose is tightened on the obese persons psychi.

There is absolutley no reason why an obese person cannot change his or lifestyle and retrurn to a healthy weight and lifetsyle. Its the "wanto to" that is the first major step.

If you are reading this and any of the above rings true - why not do something about it now, not tomorrow but now. By tomorrow you may be in a different mood, you may have forgotten about this article, conveniently!

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